Pope Pius XII Helped Jewish Flee German’s WWII Nazi Wrath

I found this thought provoking story over on The Catholic News Agency today and found it to be a pretty interesting read.

“Further challenging claims of papal inaction in the face of Jewish persecution during World War II, a German historian conducting research in the Vatican archives has said that Pope Pius XII may have arranged for the escape of 200,000 Jews from Germany in the weeks after the Kristallnacht Nazi attacks.

Dr. Michael Hesemann based his claim on his research in the Vatican archives for the Pave the Way Foundation, a U.S.-based interfaith group, the Daily Telegraph reports.

He said that in 1938 the future Pope, who was then Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, wrote to Catholic archbishops around the world to urge them to apply for visas for “non-Aryan Catholics” and Jewish converts to Christianity who wanted to leave Germany.

Hesemann reported that additional evidence suggests that the visas would have been given to ordinary Jews to escape persecution.

“The fact that this letter speaks of ‘converted Jews’ and ‘non-Aryan’ Catholics indeed seems to be a cover,” Hesemann told the Telegraph.” – “Researcher finds evidence Pius XII may have helped 200,000 Jews leave Nazi Germany”, The Catholic News Agency

I think the thought behind this idea really adds up. The Pope would obviously want to save as many lives as he could no matter what religion the people were. I find it interesting that they used cover ups to get Jewish people out of Germany, it seems like it was a pretty reliable plan that they used. I had never heard anything about this story before so I thought it was pretty cool and I got really into reading it. Hopefully you do too!