Laughter: An Essential Parenting Tool

All too often the hardships of parenting consume the majority of our time with our children. We are usually overworked, trying to juggle all of our parental responsibilities–providing our children with everything they need. Although it cannot be denied that parenting is a serious job, it is helpful to remember that there is a simple tool available to help everything become less difficult–laughter.

Laughter has been proven to be vital for our emotional and mental health. The act of laughing triggers the release of our happy hormones called endorphins that create a general sense of well-being. And not only that, sharing fun times with your children will help them become happy, confident, and healthy children who get along with others and know how to cope with life’s stress.

Make laughter a part of your daily life and you will enjoy your children’s company even more and lighten the atmosphere in your home.  To start you off, check out this amusing post: “Do You Have This Very Important Parenting Tool.”