Lessons In Parenting: We Teach and Are Taught

It cannot be denied that children learn a lot of valuable lessons from their parents. In fact parents can teach kids more lessons that any teacher in their entire life will ever teach them. But has it ever occurred to you that our kids teach us a lot of valuable lessons in life too? The parenting lessons we get from our children range from simple and practical things to really profound realizations.

A good example of practical lessons parents can learn from their kids can be found in this post: “Lessons From The Potty Training Trenches.” Here, one mother shares some of the very important things she picked up while riding the potty training roller coaster with her kid. As for me, I would say that I learn priceless parenting lessons from my kids every single day. Just this week, I realized (through my youngest child’s behavior) that everything I do (both good and bad)¬†matters–all of my actions have a corresponding effect in the world or more specifically in somebody’s little world.