God is Always Listening to You

Do you ever think God isn’t paying attention?” I was doing my morning readings when I came across this question and it made quite an impression on me. Do I ever think that God isn’t paying attention? Hmmmm. Well, I’ll admit that there have been times when I felt as if God was nowhere to be found–that God was not paying attention to me and my supplications. However, God is always listening to you.

As I look back at my life, I believe that all the things that happened to me–both the good and the bad–happened for a very good reason. They have all contributed to making me what and who I am today.

Things can happen in our lives that can lead us to question God’s watch-care and providence, but we must always remember that God is paying attention to our lives. In fact, he is concerned with every little detail of it. So whenever you feel as if God has forgotten you, remind yourself of all the wonderful things that he has done for you and how he has blessed you all through the years.

In his perfect timing and ways, he will give us exactly what is best for us. God is always listening to you, it is more a matter of when he will act. Trust in God.

Parenting Tip: Sometimes Words Are Not Necessary

Has it ever occurred to you that you may be talking to your kids too much? Today, a post entitled “Identifying Problems, Part II” prompted me to take a look at how much I talk to my children. It turned out to be quite the parenting tip. I realized that I may actually be spending an enormous amount of unnecessary energy and time talking (yammering even) to my children.

We want our children to do the right things, that is why we feel that we need to constantly instruct them on what they should and should not do.  However, giving commands to our children nonstop can actually do more harm than good. When we talk too much, we leave very little room for listening. And often, kids need us to listen more than to speak. In addition, this also sets a bad example to our kids–when we don’t listen to them, they will end up doing the same thing to us. And that could create big problems in the future. I suggest checking out the post and picking up on this parenting tip.

The Responsibility to Listen to Our Children

I know that I recently posted about the importance of spending playtime with your kids. I hope you won’t mind me writing about something similar to that topic–the importance of listening to your children. I just can’t help it, the moment I read the post, Why It’s So Important to Listen to Your Children, I knew I just had to share my own two cents on the matter.

As a parent, I know it can be difficult to juggle all the responsibilities that come with the role. However, we should not forget that as important as our responsibility to provide food, clothing, and shelter to our children is, our responsibility to listen attentively to them is just as important. The simple act of hearing what our kids have to say is a major tool by which we can show our love for them.

By lending them our undivided attention whenever they need it, we are making them feel valued. Also, by willingly listening to them, we are instilling in their minds that we want them to express their emotions to us. You see, when we listen to the small stuff while they are young, when they grow up, they will come back to us to talk about the bigger things. I think that is something every parent hopes for.

Increasing Your Child’s Confidence: Listening and Encouraging

Children thrive when they believe they are succeeding. No matter how small an accomplishment is, it is really important to encourage them and praise them for doing well. If they helped you out around the house, thank them for their help. Make them know that you appreciate them and that they did a great job.

A recent post on Positive Parenting Solutions titled, “4 Phrases Kids Need to Hear” talks about ways to increase your child’s confidence. Their tips include listening, encouraging, and praising.

How do you encourage your child’s behavior?

Listening: The Greatest Skill a Parent Can Develop

One thing children need from their parents is somebody to listen. Being a good listener is a trait that many people value in their friends and family members, and that is no different in the parent-child relationship. However because of the strong bond parents have with their children, they often feel as though they need to fix all of their child’s problems for them. In reality, the thing that child needs most is somebody to listen objectively to their issues.

JBM Thinks, a parenting blog, recently had a post titled “3 Top Tips to Help Parents Fight the Urge to “Fix” Everything” that I thought was really insightful. The advice that is given by Denny Hagel in this piece will help parents to focus more on listening. Your child doesn’t need you to magically fix all of their problems for them, but they do need you to listen to them when they have something to say.