East London Churches Offer Continuous Help to Homeless

According to an article found on Christian Today:

Twelve churches in Tower Hamlets have clubbed together to open a rolling night shelter for homeless people in the East London borough.

The GrowTH project is offering homeless people a safe and warm place to sleep seven days a week until the end of February.

Participating churches are taking it in turns to open their doors to guests from 7.30pm and provide a hot dinner in the evening and breakfast the following morning.

Tower Hamlets, a borough of London, boasts famous sites such as Brick Lane, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, and the up-and-coming Canary Wharf.  However, it is also plagued by poverty, higher crime rates, and homelessness.  The British band Pulp (famous for their mid-90’s hit “Common People”) once wrote a song about a section of Tower Hamlets, in which they sing “It smelled as if someone had died/The living room was full of flies/just like Heaven/If it didn’t look like Hell…”

Pulp wasn’t far off.  I actually lived in Tower Hamlets briefly, as a student abroad, and while it has its own distinct charm, the borough is definitely in need of some serious help.

For information on how to help, click here.

500 Days of Prayer to Proceed the Global Day of Prayer in London

I saw this on Christian Today and I have to say I think it is an awesome idea. Instead of just having one national day of prayer in September of 2011, the Global Day of Prayer in London has set up 500 days of prayer before the date in 2011. You can never have too many days in a row of prayer so I think this is wonderful. Getting churches and Christians from all over the globe to participate in this only makes it that much more special too!

“Global Day of Prayer London is partnering with Celebration for the Nations, a gathering of worshippers in Wales from the nations touched by the 1904 Welsh Revival, to launch 500 days of prayer for the nation.

At the Celebration for the Nations event in London this Sunday, GDOP London will call on Christians from across the nation to join the prayer chain in the lead up to a national day of prayer at Wembley Stadium September 2011.

“We are excited that the praying community of the South Koreans have created a platform for us to launch this 500 days of prayer,” said GDOP London Convener Jonathan Oloyede.

He added: “That connection of Africans and British and Caribbean and South Korean intercessors coming together is prophetically exciting and culturally very powerful. We can’t overemphasise the sense of unity with cultures from all around the world and the Commonwealth coming together for such a time as this.

“August 1 will see the beginning of a chain of non-stop 24 hour prayers of believers from every walk of life coming together in unity for the manifestation of the Kingdom of God in these Isles.”” – “GDOP London to Launch 500 Days of Prayer for Nation”, Christian Today