Being A “Yes” Mom

This morning, I stumbled onto a post titled, “10 Motherhood Secrets,” where the writer shared the 10 things she learned over the years of being a mother. One point that especially struck a chord in the post was how she turned herself from a “no” person to a “yes” mom.

A lot of moms out there are no moms. Some may not even be aware that they are that they are these kind of mothers. “No” is an easier and more convenient answer for mothers. I know because for years, I too struggled with overcoming my habit of saying “no” to my children’s requests. I was a mother who consistently answered “no” to my children’s requests–sometimes even without actually hearing them yet. I was brought to my senses when my own mother came over one weekend and pointed out my “no attitude.”

Looking back, I regretful depriving my children of some happy memories because I was always saying no. Now although my inclination to say no still comes out once in a while, I make a conscious effort to say yes a whole lot more.

How about you? Are you a “yes” or a “no” mom?

The Power of Hearing “I Love You Mom”

I read a blog post titled “Surviving The Domino Effect Days of Motherhood,” and it reminded me of the power of the words, “I love you Mom”.

I mean aren’t these words just wonderful music to your ears? Hearing “I love you Mom,” just melts my heart away every time! They make me forget how tired I am, how difficult motherhood is, how stressful my everyday life can be, and remind me of why I do all that I do and how beautiful and blessed my life is.

It is incredible how motherhood has changed me. It has made me find joy and fulfillment in the most simple things, and made me realize that it is not the material things, nor the uncountable professional achievements that make me most happy; but the soft whispers of my little ones, letting me know that they love me.

Terrific Mother Teaches Her Teen The Basics of Business

I read a really interesting story today about a mom who helped her teen start her own business. This story was interesting on more than just the basic level though. First off, I thought it was awesome that this mom helped her daughter start her own business because of the valuable, real life lessons her daughter learned from doing it. She learned basic marketing principles, website design, pricing, photo editing, and more skills that she can now carry with her for the rest of her life.

This wasn’t where the story stopped though. This mom told her daughter she could create whatever kind of business she wanted. Apparently her daughter is into a thing called “mermaiding” which was something I was unaware of until reading the post. People wear fabric tails and swim like mermaids with these fabric devices. So her daughter sells them along with mermaid inspired jewelry. The whole story was awesome to me. Not only does this mom encourage her child to follow her dreams and do something she enjoys, but also teaches her how to run a small business. All while supporting her daughter in the activity of her choice. Talk about a great mom!

Parental Leave: More Dad’s are Taking Time Off When Kids are Born

We are used to living in a world where a woman has a child and she goes on maternity leave. The world has been slowly changing its ways though and parental leave has become more common. Parental leave can be taken by a mother or father. The number of fathers going on parental leave is growing and I think this is tremendous. This is a societal norm that is slowly changing, and I think it is for the better.

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