Parenting Tip: Preventing Bad Behavior Before it Happens

I think many parents would like to know how to prevent inappropriate behavior from occurring when it comes to their children. The problem is finding out how to do so. The answer might be different for every family, and within each family the answer might be different for each child. This is something that parents have to deal with on a case by case basis. No single answer will work across the board.

I read a post titled, “Better Than Spanking: Prevention and Consequences”, and I thought it had some good prevention ideas to consider. I figure that the more ideas for prevention you see as a parent, the better the odds of finding one that works for you is. Even if you are experiencing success with a method now, you might want to consider reading these tips in case something changes.

Parenting Tip: How to Avoid Punishment When Your Child Misbehaves

As a parent, there are times where you must discipline your children. Discipline doesn’t meant punishment though and I believe there is a distinct difference between the two. There are always alternatives to actual punishment, and many of them are easy to do. You just need to have the right mindset about it. I recently read a post titled, “4 Powerful and and Effective Alternatives to Punishment”, that I thought was really great. The author’s tips in this post are precisely what I am talking about when I say that punishment does not have to happen.

The article talks about four main points prevention, alternatives, examples, and self reflection. Preventing potentially disastrous situations at home and in your life in general can save you and your child a lot of stress. Planning ahead is really not hard to do, and this means something as simple as putting fragile items in your home out of reach. Offering alternatives and examples are sort of the same. It means not freaking out when your child is throwing a baseball in the house. Take the baseball, but don’t scold them for it. Then when you have taken the ball give them a softer one that won’t break things. You could take it a step further and give them an example of this by showing them how to play with the new ball in a safe way. Self reflection is pretty straight forward and as a parent is something that I think could benefit anybody.