Parenting Tip: Instilling Respectful Habits into Your Children

People form habits throughout their life and often habits shape who people are. If somebody makes a habit of running every day then they will likely be thin and fit. If somebody makes a habit of reading every day then they will likely be well spoken and a good writer. This is a concept that parents should keep in mind when they are raising young kids. Children are too young to form their own daily habits so parents tend to do this for them. This is as simple as reminding them to brush their teeth or make their bed in the morning. If it works for simple tasks like that then enforcing some more important life habits can be done too.

A recent post on Parenting Boys…Raising Men titled, “How Do You Ask Nicely?” talks about how a family has raised their children to always say please and thank you. This is such an important quality that goes overlooked a lot in today’s world. Instilling respectful habits into your children at a young age can make them grow into an adult that you will be proud of.

What sorts of habits have you been instilling into your children?