Teaching Obedience and Safety

I have always believed in the importance of obedience. This morning, reading one mother’s very scary experience reminded me why I HAVE to work hard in raising obedient kids. (You can read this post here: “First Time Obedience.”)

While I totally understand how important it is to encourage kids to explore, question, and be active participants in the world, stories like these make me realize that teaching kids to obey outweighs my responsibility to help them develop a curious mind. A child’s unquestioning and unwavering obedience could be the very thing that will keep him/her safeĀ in an emergency situation. Therefore teaching obedience and safety are principles that parents should not take lightly.

There are a lot of things we can do to make sure we raise obedient kids. For me, I would say that setting a good example and being consistent are key to molding obedient children. How about you? What do you do to make sure that your kids obey the first time? Do you have any tips for teaching obedience and safety?

Parenting Tips: Keeping Our Children Safe

The thought of my kids being possible victims of evil predators scares, sickens, and enrages me. As disturbing as the thought of a predator is, the truth is these kinds of people lurk all around us. While we can pray everyday that God will keep our children safe, I don’t think God wants us to just sit around and do nothing for the safety of our children. As they say, “prayer plus action produces the best outcomes”. I have some parenting tips for you that may help in the action portion of that saying.

I read this post entitled, “5 Tips to Help Your Kids Stay Safe from Predators” and I found it to be very helpful. If like me, you need some help in this area too, you should go and read it. These parenting tips may help save your kids life someday.

I learned a lot of things from the post but in totality. I believe that the most important strategy to keep our children safe is to let them understand how unsafe secret-keeping can be–from where they are going, who they are with, or what they are doing. We must strive to cultivate trust and an open line of communication with our kids.