Celebration for Saint Rocco

This post from SILive.com was really great to read. The story below tells of a child healed of bacterial meningitis in what many are calling a miracle due to none other than Saint Rocco. He is now fully healed and about to celebrate his fifth birthday. This is truly an amazing story that is worth reading so take a few minutes of your day and read it now!

“More than any other patron saint, St. Rocco is the favorite of Westerleigh resident Louise Fiorello. It’s personal.

Every August for the last 15 years, she’s attended the annual Feast of St. Rocco in Lower Manhattan and admired the healing energy of the saint cloaked in miracles. Mrs. Fiorello loves joining with the hundreds of people in the three-hour procession as the band plays and money is pinned to his statue.

About five years ago, when her infant grandson came down with bacterial meningitis, Mrs. Fiorello’s devotion to St. Rocco became even more personal and profound. The 5-month-old was given little hope of survival by doctors in two hospitals where he received care. His eye was swollen shut. Mrs Fiorello and her family prayed to St. Rocco.

“My grandson had a miracle,” said Mrs. Fiorello. “After the prayers of St. Rocco, the eye was opened for the first time.”

That baby, Salvatore, continued to heal and recently celebrated his fifth birthday. He will be among the crew leaving Westerleigh and heading to little Italy next week for the annual Feast of St. Rocco.” – “Feast of St. Rocco to be Held Aug.22”, SI Live.com