Bernard Quinn Up For Canonization

I found this article on Catholic News Agency and thought it was really cool. The majority of saints are not from the US and a saint being canonized in today’s time is something great to see. Hopefully Msgr. Bernard’s canonization goes through because he led a great religious life and was an amazing person.

“The Diocese of Brooklyn has officially opened the Cause of Canonization for Msgr. Bernard J. Quinn, a 20th century priest known for fighting bigotry and reaching out to the community’s African American population.

Born in Newark in 1888, Msgr. Quinn later realized as a young priest that African American Catholics were being neglected in his diocese and sought the permission of the local bishop to begin an “apostolate to Blacks.”

In an effort to help children orphaned by the Great Depression, Msgr. Quinn also began Little Flower Children Services. He publicly opposed the Ku Klux Klan when they allegedly burned the orphanage to the ground on two separate occasions.

After an examination of the priest’s records, two miracles need to be attributed to him before verification is conducted by the Vatican. The final decision on whether or not to canonize Msgr. Quinn will be made by the Holy Father.” – “Brooklyn Diocese Opens Sainthood Cause for Priest Who Fought Bigotry”

This story was a very interesting read. I did not know of Bernard Quinn’s work in Brooklyn and I was surprised to read of such a wonderful person that I did not know of. He opposed the Ku Klux Klan, which was very powerful during his lifetime. Standing up to them was something most people would never think of doing. Also, extending a helping hand to the African American community was also a great thing he did. His work to help them was far ahead of the Civil Rights Movement and everybody back then could have stood to learn a lesson from Bernard. I personally think that he should be canonized a saint, but I suppose we shall wait and see what Pope Benedict XVI has to say on the topic.