Learning Life Lessons Through Sports: Why To Get Your Child Involved

When you first introduce your child to a sport you are probably only thinking of the present. Your interest is to see them make friends, have fun, and learn a game that they will someday maybe love. There is an entire world of sports ahead of them when they are young. Sometimes it is cool to think about what might happen for your child down the road. They might be on the varsity team in school or they could go on to play in college. Ultimately the most valuable thing they will take away from being an athlete at any level are the life lessons.

A post titled, “Young Athletes Take Lessons From Games into Real Life”, by Janis Meredith tells the story of how her daughter grew up playing softball. Her daughter played all different levels and is now a school teacher. She talks about the valuable lessons she learned from being an athlete for so many years.

What life lessons do you think sports will teach your children as they grow older?

Sports Camps for Kids: Helping Your Child Succeed in Athletics

For parents there is truly nothing better than seeing their children succeed in life. No parent wants to see their child struggle, although it is bound to happen at some point. This can be especially true when it concerns sports. Most parents involve their children in sports because it can offer chances for them to socialize with other kids, exercise, develop athletic abilities, and have fun. Many children will end up going to a sports camp at some point. This is just another way to have fun while learning new skills involved with playing the sport. There are typically day camps and sleep-away camps for every sport. There are camps for traditional sports like soccer, baseball/softball, lacrosse, and football. There are also camps for for unique sports like skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, skiing, and swimming.

No matter what sport your child plays it can help their chances for success to attend a camp. A recent post on JBM Thinks titled, “Are You Choosy About Your Child’s Youth Sports Experience?”, talks about different sports camps and choosing the right one for your child.

Have you sent your child to a sports camp? How was their experience there?