Appreciating Your Spouse’s Sacrifices

Our family is what many may call a traditional family–a working husband, a stay-at-home wife, and two lovely kids. While my husband has always appreciated all my efforts and sacrifices as a housewife, I have come across a few blog posts online about the stay-at-home spouse being undermined and a few of these articles have really stirred some strong emotions in me.

I mean how could anyone say that the stay-at-home partner’s role in the family is less valuable than that of the “working” partner? Just because someone brings in the money does not mean that he/she is working harder than that of the home-based spouse.

Staying at home and running the house is not a joke! In the same way that making a living and working out of the home is not easy too. So I find no reason for anyone to disrespect and devalue anyone’s role in the family. As one Dad says it in his blog post, “I am Special, and so are you…

Parenting as a Team: Teamwork and Consistency are Key

It is critical as a parent to remain firm in your beliefs. You and your spouse should get together when a new situation arises, and decide how you will handle it as a team. If you are both consistent with your parenting techniques then there will be fewer issues at home. A lot of problems arise when parents are not on the same page. If you both say the same thing then if will be easier for your child to accept and will create less issues. Parenting is not for weak individuals and to be successful you will both have to learn to deny your child what they want sometimes. This also ties into consistency and being a team. Make a combined decision and stick to it, that means both of you! If one of you becomes the soft parent who always gives in when your child starts crying or throws a tantrum, it can ruin the dynamic of your parenting team.

An article titled, “Parenting a United Approach” gave me the idea for this post. It talked about a lot of the concepts I did, and made me think about the teamwork dynamic that is desperately needed in a good parenting relationship.

Schedule a Monthly Night Out with Your Spouse

Parents lead busy lives during the week, and even on the weekend the responsibilities don’t stop. The kids always have obligations such as play dates, soccer games, and dance class amongst many other activities. Once in a while parents need to get a sitter for the evening or take the kids to their grandparents house and do something for themselves. You can go to dinner and a movie, a sports games, or basically anything that you will enjoy as a couple. Doing activities without your children is part of a healthy marriage. Getting together with other friends you have is also something that you might want to include into this night without the kids. Socializing and spending time with friends is tough when your life is so busy with work, kids, and everything else, but when you get an opportunity to go out make the most of it!

I read a post on The Mommmy Bunch recently titled, “Monthly Game Night with Friends”. This post is an absolutely perfect example of parents making the most out of their monthly night out. They had a great idea too with the game night. They made use of their Playstation 3 and downloaded the Wheel of Fortune game to play with their friends. Its sounds like they had a wonderful time, and I figured I would share their post here to show you it is possible to make these nights happen!