The Life of St. Andrew the Apostle

Have you ever wondered how Christianity started, and how it lived through thousands of years? St. Andrew’s life answers both of those questions. He was one of the forefathers of our church, and his story is one that will give you great pride to be a Catholic.

The Apostles were the first founders of the church. They delivered God’s message all over trying to convert as many people to the Christian faith as possible. The problem was that many did not believe in Christianity at the time, and many killed Christians because of that disbelief. St. Andrew took great risks in his life to deliver the word of God to everyone, and that led him to a torturous death.

St. Andrew began his Christian life by preaching God to the people of Byzantium and Thrace. He then travelled to Danube, Epirus in Greece, Peloponnesos, and then to the Black Sea in Russia. While in Russia, he took a Cross and placed it on a mountain. He told the people that Russia would have a bright Christian future.

St. Andrew converted many people to Christianity in Russia. He even went as far as to try to convert the brother and wife of the Russian ruler at that time, Proconsul Aegeates. This is what led to his abomination. When the Proconsul Aegeates found out, he ordered him to torture and crucifixion.

St. Andrew was hung on a cross just like Christ was. While he was still alive on the cross, he continued to speak to the Christian people to tell them what to do to continue Christianity. The people were captivated by him, and wanted to take him down from the cross. However, St. Andrew accepted his fate and God’s will. He told them he would remain on the cross to die.

St. Andrew prayed to God while he was on the cross. While he did, a bright light appeared around him. This light lasted for a half hour. Once the light disappeared, the Apostle gave up his soul to God, and he took his last breath.

St. Andrew was one of the first 12 Apostles. He did what the Lord asked of him. He went around the countries delivering Christianity to those who did not know about it, or did not believe it. He converted many, and gave them the knowledge and faith they needed to convert others.

Why We Need to Remember St. Andrew

The reason why we have Christianity today is because of these first Apostles, like St. Andrew. They did whatever they had to do to make Christianity live and grow. If it weren’t for their strength, and their bravery to show that the Christian faith is deep enough to suffer through torture for it, Christianity might not have made it through thousands of years.

As you sit to pray today, remember St. Andrew and all of the other Apostles that gave their life for the Lord. The reason why you pray, and know of our great Lord is because of them, so they deserve appreciation for everything they did for you, and for everyone.