How Do You Measure the Success of a Parent

Every parent wants their child to be a great success. They want to be able to say that they raised a doctor, lawyer, engineer, or chemist and that makes sense. So much of today’s world is wrapped around what you do for a living. Many people would see it as a great parenting success if you end up having kids that turn out to be successful people at their jobs. Having said that, I tend to disagree with that being successful parenting. Surely you do not want to see your child become unemployed later in life, but I don’t think successful parenting depends solely on what your child ends up becoming. You have to look at the happiness factor, and if your child had a fun life growing up. There is a lot of value in one singular good memory from growing up, which is something that not everybody can say they have.

A post called “How to Measure the Success of a Parent”, caught my attention recently when it talked about this topic. Make sure that your child is having fun as they grow up. They might have more fond memories of you if you separate work and special time with them.