Youth Sports and Conflict: Too Many Commitments Can Cause Issues

Signing your kids up for sports is a tremendous way to let them have fun, meet new friends, develop skills socially and athletically, and learn life lessons. Sports have become an integral part of today’s society and that is a great thing. A child’s sport career may start as a fun thing that they do because you signed them up, however it can grow into a life long love they will always be a part of. On the flip side, your kid may grow up and realize whatever sport they’re playing just isn’t for them. This is fine because getting your kids involved with sports is mostly about them trying something new and taking away something from the experience.

As your children grow older they might become more seriously involved with sports. This could mean playing on more than one team per sport or even playing two different sports at the same time. This is really a good problem to have, and I don’t think you should ever discourage your child from participating in sports. Sometimes having too many commitments can lead to conflicts with game and practice times though.

A recent post on JBM Thinks titled, “What Should Your Athlete Do When His Youth Sports Teams Conflict”, talks about this sort of situation and how to handle it. I think you should let you child decide what is most important to him or her, and move forward from there. Let it be their decision, but help them if they need guidance and ask for it.

Has your child ever had a sport team conflict? How did your family handle the situation?