Too Much Technology for Kids Can Cause a Serious Addiction

I read a post titled, “Toddlers Becoming So Addicted to iPads They Require Therapy” earlier and it really made me stop and think WHAT?!!! I cannot believe that some kids’ attachment to their gadgets is bad enough to need therapy. Reading further about this matter made me understand that this problem is indeed real and that therapy for gadget addiction is not just some overblown solution to a small problem. As one doctor says in the study, “This condition (addiction to gadgets) could seriously interfere with a child’s ability to form normal social relationships, so that something as natural as human interaction could become exhausting for him or her.”

Although I believe that gadgets can help enhance learning for our children, overexposing them to these things can cause serious damage in their health and development. To see to it that we get the positive benefits of technology and not its bad side, we should see to it its use is covered by clear rules and restrictions, monitor how our children are making use of the gadgets that we are giving them as well as keep track of the time they spend with it.

Most importantly, we should talk to our children and make them understand about the bad effects of improper and/or excessive use of gadgets .

Parenting In This Technology Driven Society

There is no doubt in my mind that parenting has always been and will always be the most challenging of all human endeavors. However for modern day parents like you and me, the role of raising and caring for a child is made even  more difficult by the fast development of technology.

A lot of children today are addicted to the internet, TV, or other gadgets like cell phones, gaming consoles, computers, etc. Aside from the fact that addiction to these things causes mental, behavioral, and social problems; the uncontrolled use of thesetechnological innovations pulls children away from their parents and causes families to break apart. Furthermore, the integration of technology has left us with the problems of cyberbullying, stalking, sexting, harassment, embarrassment, online privacy issues, and exposure to a plethora of inappropriate web materials just to name a few.

Some parents hesitate in restricting their children with the use of technology as they do not want their kids to think that they are overbearing, paranoid, and overprotective. However,  I believe that letting my children loose in the perilous world of technology would do far greater harm than having them think of me as overbearing, paranoid and overprotective.

I love my kids and I take it as my duty to protect them, and a large part of this is closely monitoring their use of technology to prevent misuse and overindulgence.

Read more about dangers of technology and what you can do to protect your children from it in this post: The Perils of Present-Day Parenting.

How Young is Too Young to Use an iPad?

With tablets becoming even more popular after this holiday season I think it is time to wonder, are these things really good for young kids? Sure, they have a ton of educational apps and those are all great. They can also help to give overwhelmed parents a break by letting the kids be safely occupied. However, how young is too young to be using an iPad? Adults in the world today are seemingly addicted to their screens. Whether it’s a laptop, smartphone, or tablet it seems that everybody is always on some sort of device. Does this mean that children will be raised on these devices? I love the educational value of things like the iPad, but I wonder if there are also negatives people are overlooking.

I read a story about why your 2 year old doesn’t need an iPad and realized a negative aspect of kids using devices like these. The blog post was about how a mom let her 2 year old use her iPad for fun one afternoon. It went great and her daughter became an instant fan of the iPad. However, the next few days her daughter wanted no part of any other game, only the iPad. This sort of technology addiction could be dangerous. Is there a way to limit young children’s use of the iPad or do parents have to hide iPads from them until they are older? These are all things I wonder about with this new technology.

Do You Make Room in Your Life For God?: Pope’s Christmas Eve Homily

On Christmas Eve Pope Benedict XVI spoke during Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica. His main point was that so many Catholics live hectic and technology driven lives, that he questions whether people are capable of making room for God anymore. This is obviously an issue that people should take seriously. If you cannot find time in your day for God you are not looking close enough. Maybe you spend too much time watching TV or on the computer, there has to be something that can go to make more room for God in your life. Pope Benedict spoke about this during his homily, where he drew a comparison between today’s situation and Joseph and Mary not find room at any of the inns they visited. He stated that “we are so ‘full’ of ourselves that there is no room left for God.” I cannot say that I disagree with this view point, and I think it was a good way to bring up this issue.

Read more about Pope Benedict’s Christmas Eve homily by following this link: “Pope Worries We Are So Full of Ourselves ‘There is No Room For God'”

Children and Technology: Where Do You Draw the Line?

In a world where technology is becoming more and more prominent in daily life, parents are faced with a difficult decision. Should kids be allowed to used all forms of technology in their rooms? My first inclination would be to say no. Growing up I was not permitted to have a TV in my room. While at the time that seemed unfair, I think that looking back it was the right call. First off, it created more opportunity for my entire family to socialize together. Even if we were watching TV anyway, at least we were all together in the living room rather than holed up in our respective rooms. Now the question becomes even deeper than just TV with devices like tablets, laptops, and smartphones. When is it okay to let your children use technology in their rooms and to what extent?

I found a recent post on Dads Round Table that talked about this topic of technology in the bedroom. The author of the article James has a no WiFi technology in the bedroom policy that he is sticking to. I have to say that I respect this very much and think it is a good rule to go by.

What is your technology policy at home? When and where can your children use technology?

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