Is Your High Schooler Actually Ready to Go Away to College?

An issue that many families face each year is if their child is truly ready to go away to college. There will probably be at least some small doubt in the back of your mind as a parent when your child is leaving home for the first time. However, if you have big doubts maybe it is something you need to seriously consider. So many teens go away to college each year, only to perform poorly in their academics or not like the setting. As a parent you should really make sure your teen is properly prepared to make this huge change.

I found a short post by a parent who is having this same internal debate about her daughter. She asked for advice, and the thread of comments is full of opinions. If you are interested in checking out what everybody has to say click the following link: What If Your Senior Just Isn’t Ready for College?

Terrific Mother Teaches Her Teen The Basics of Business

I read a really interesting story today about a mom who helped her teen start her own business. This story was interesting on more than just the basic level though. First off, I thought it was awesome that this mom helped her daughter start her own business because of the valuable, real life lessons her daughter learned from doing it. She learned basic marketing principles, website design, pricing, photo editing, and more skills that she can now carry with her for the rest of her life.

This wasn’t where the story stopped though. This mom told her daughter she could create whatever kind of business she wanted. Apparently her daughter is into a thing called “mermaiding” which was something I was unaware of until reading the post. People wear fabric tails and swim like mermaids with these fabric devices. So her daughter sells them along with mermaid inspired jewelry. The whole story was awesome to me. Not only does this mom encourage her child to follow her dreams and do something she enjoys, but also teaches her how to run a small business. All while supporting her daughter in the activity of her choice. Talk about a great mom!

Parenting Tip: How to Deal with Troubled Teens

It can really be difficult to be on the same page as your teen. Teens and parents traditionally have issues getting along because teenagers are going through a lot of life changes. As adults we can all relate to the teenage struggle, but still may find difficulties staying involved and informed with teens.

Sometimes it is completely necessary to ask for help when you feel lost as a parent. There are many options available for parents who need help with their teens. I read a post recently about 6 First Steps for Parents of Troubled Teens. The post listed six different ways you can begin to face the problems that you and your teen are having getting along.

Keeping God in Your Teen’s Life

Helping your kids stay faithful throughout their teenage years is really tough. With different influences growing in their lives, they may begin to question the beliefs that you raised them on. It is important to talk with your kids about things like this, and gauge their feelings.

I read a post titled, “Raising Kids in Favor with God and Man” recently and the main point of the post resonated with me. The mom who posted this article prays each night for her children in hopes that they can accomplish just what the title of her post says. If you are a parent who hopes the same about your children then you should check out her post if you have a second. It is definitely worth your time.

When Getting Your Teen to Do Their Homework Becomes a Struggle

Making sure that your child does their homework is an integral part of being a responsible parent. If you reinforce these habits starting at a young age it can improve the chances that when your child gets older they will continue these practices on their own. However even if you instill good homework habits into your child, they might reach their teen years and lose touch. Many teens become distracted by other things, and begin to take school not as seriously.

If you notice your teen slacking on their homework or other school responsibilities it could be time to get more closely involved. A recent article on Empowering Parent titled, “7 Ways to Stop the Parent-Child Power Struggle Over Homework” could be useful to you and your child. The article talks about ways to treat this delicate situation.

How do you approach getting your child to cooperate and do their homework?

Parenting Tip: How to Communicate Clearly and Effectively with Teens

As a parent, communication with your child is key. It starts early on in life when they first begin to speak and grows into a relationship as they mature. Many parents find difficulties communicating with their children when they reach the teen years. Kids start to want more independence and parents may not approve of their choices or actions.

The Informed Parent recently posted about “Effective Communication with Your Teen”. In their post they outline ways for parents with teens to communicate better. It can be really difficult to communicate with your teen without it turning into a controversial argument. These tips may be able to help you out a lot.

How do you communicate with your teen? What is your technique to diffuse a controversial situation when it arises?