The Best Tool For Sharing Christ With The Youth

The World Youth Day celebration in Brazil was a huge success! Thanks to the millions of enthusiastic young faithfuls who made the effort to make the pilgrimage to Rio. The Pope gave strong and uplifting messages all throughout his trip in Rio, but I would like to give emphasis to what he said about how we can best evangelize to young people.

During the culmination mass of the World Youth Day, the Pope said, “Do you know what the best tool is for evangelizing the young? Another young person. This is the path to follow! It’s so simple really. The best tool for sharing Christ with the youth is other young people. 

As we all must know, the most effective way to lead a person to Christ is to reach them where they are and communicate with them in a way they can relate to. Who could possibly communicate and relate better to young people than their fellow youths? So if you are wondering why your parish is not drawing a lot of young people in, you might want to look into this counsel by our Pope. The best tool for sharing Christ with the youth is by having other young people talk with them. One dedicated Catholic teen can turn friends into faithful Catholics quickly.

Teens, Trends, and Parenting Advice for Both

The teenage years are said to be the most difficult time for parenting. It is during these years that children become more assertive of their independence and less responsive to parental authority. While having a sense of autonomy is normal for teenagers, it is often this feeling that gets a lot of teens in trouble.

Although adolescence is a time for parents to help our children become less dependent on us, it is also a time for us to be more attentive and watchful. I read a post entitled “Parents Be Aware: Dangerous Teen Trends” and it reminded me how risky and illogical teenagers can be. Parenting teens can be tough because teens mostly just want to fit in (remember how that felt) and do not want to hear the logical advice you have for them.

We must understand that the primary goal of the teen years is to achieve independence, however we should forget that it is during these years that children need proper guidance from parents. We need to make sure that the way we deal with our kids during these difficult years will keep them from (not push them into) doing unsafe and inappropriate things.

When Getting Your Teen to Do Their Homework Becomes a Struggle

Making sure that your child does their homework is an integral part of being a responsible parent. If you reinforce these habits starting at a young age it can improve the chances that when your child gets older they will continue these practices on their own. However even if you instill good homework habits into your child, they might reach their teen years and lose touch. Many teens become distracted by other things, and begin to take school not as seriously.

If you notice your teen slacking on their homework or other school responsibilities it could be time to get more closely involved. A recent article on Empowering Parent titled, “7 Ways to Stop the Parent-Child Power Struggle Over Homework” could be useful to you and your child. The article talks about ways to treat this delicate situation.

How do you approach getting your child to cooperate and do their homework?