Helping the Poor of Thailand

This story from Catholic News Agency is an awesome one to read about. Elizabeth and Michael of Wildflower Home are doing great things for people who really need their help the most. There really are not too many places you can name that single mother can go with her child and receive care these days. This help is also needed the most where they are doing it, Thailand. I think everybody should learn a little more about the Wildflower Home by reading the full posting of this article. Click Here to check out the posting on Catholic News Agency.

“Some people dream of making a difference in the world and others actually do it. Arkansas native Elizabeth Lachowsky Thaibinh and her husband, Michael, founded Wildflower Home in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Wildflower Home is a shelter for single women with small children and pregnant women in crisis, Thaibinh said.

“We take mothers in crisis, maybe they are single and pregnant, victims of domestic violence or whatever the situation,” she said in an interview with Arkansas Catholic during a recent trip back to Conway, Arkansas and Houston, Texas. “We teach them and help them readjust to society so they can effectively raise their children.”

Wildflower Home began in 2004 as an outreach ministry of the Maryknoll religious order. The Thaibinhs were lay missionaries and began their mission work in Thailand in 1994, she said. Even though in June the Maryknolls pulled out of Thailand and Vietnam because of financial concerns, Thaibinh said she will stay in the country and continue Wildflower Home.” – “Arkansas Native Devotes Life to Poor Women in Thailand”, Catholic News Agency