Me? Cook? What?!

Uh oh. My family has requested I bring a dish to this year’s Thanksgiving dinner.   Now, the last time I stepped foot near the oven was last year’s holiday season, when I attempted to do some baking.  “Good scones”  was the reply I received for my efforts.  Except…I baked sugar cookies.

I could give a million more examples of how I am a terrible cook, and have messed up meals that you didn’t even think possible!  In fact, that’s exactly why I wrote the article last week suggesting lovely presents for the host; I figured, a necklace will last past Thanksgiving Day, and more importantly, the host won’t get food poisoning from it!

But anyway, if a dish is what my family wants, well…I’ve warned them!  Luckily, Lisa Hendey and other wonderful contributors of have made it easy.  Their blog contains an article in which they share their favorite dishes.  They look delicious, and pretty easy to make too (thank goodness!).  I think “Aunt Gwen’s Banana Bread”  looks just about right for me.

So, for all of you out there stepping out of their comfort zone for the sake of Thanksgiving, check out the article! And good luck!!