How to Get Your Baby to Sleep While Traveling for the Holidays

A big concern for many parents with a toddler or baby around this time of the year is keeping their sleep pattern regular throughout the holidays. Traveling or having family over for the holidays can definitely disrupt your babies sleep schedule. Whether they miss their afternoon nap or just can’t seem to fall asleep at night, it can make for some serious problems. Strive for normalcy, as that is what they are used to, but if all else fails just go with your instincts. If a typical nap time is missed, substitute a different one later.

A post titled, “Holidays, Travel, and Baby’s Sleep” had some great pointers for just this issue. The last thing anybody wants is to spend all night up with a baby, and then deal with a travel day the next day with a cranky baby. One of their best bits of advice was to bring a dark towel or sheet with you when you travel. Babies used light and dark cues often in their sleeping patterns, and turning an otherwise bright room dark with a sheet or towel could mean a successful nap.

Parenting Tip: Paying It Forward with Your Toddler

Doesn’t it seem like every time you want your toddler to be quiet, they think it’s the best time to start crying or otherwise needing attention? It’s Murphy’s Law and it’s part of being a parent, and also part of life. However I read a post today that I think could help a lot of parents. “A Little Special Time in the Morning” is a post I read on Super-Protective Factor. The author has a different outlook on how to get your baby to calm down when you need to do chores or other business.

If it seems as though your child wants attention the most when you don’t have time to give it to them, you might want to try this “Special Time” technique. If you have something to do later in your day, take ten minutes to sit with your child and follow them as they do whatever they are doing. Even if they don’t directly interact with you, they will note the presence and feel wanted. After about ten minutes try getting up to go do your chore or get some work done, and gauge their reaction. Chances are they will be more okay with the fact that you aren’t paying full attention to them now because you did just a few minutes earlier. It’s worth a shot!

Baby Steps: Remember to Baby Proof Your Home

New parents are often unprepared for the things their child will do. For instance the first time a child learns to move on their own can be a really exciting event. Parents are typically happy and proud at moments like the first time their baby crawls. Things might be forgotten though like is there a gate in front of the staircase or are there covers over all the electrical outlets.

A blog called Tim and Olive recently posted about their baby and how she recently began crawling. They were not ready for their child’s free movements around the house and had to make some quick adjustments. The post I read, “Dear Baby, Please Don’t Walk Yet” was really great. They blogged about how quickly their baby’s crawling changed their lives, and wondered how much more drastic the change will be when she is walking. Many parents are excited for their children to learn how to walk, but maybe they shouldn’t be! It certainly makes things a lot easier to control.

What are some of the most important things to baby proof when your child is learning to walk/crawl?