Parenting Thoughts: Toddlers Need Some Building Up Too

The formative years for a child are the most crucial to their development. From newborn to about severalmonths old, there is really nothing more than the basic needs as well as love and care that your baby needs from you. As they grow older, they require more attention, more love, discipline and encouragement. Being parents, our responsibility begins to grow. With all these changes that your little toddler encounters, life can also wear them out. Toddlers need some building up too, just as we do as adults. It is your job as a parent to help them.

5 Ways To Build Up Your Toddlers shares how to give that encouragement and praise to boost up your toddler’s self esteem:

1. Offer Quality And Quantity Time

2. Give Small Chores To Accomplish

3. Set Up Guidelines In The Home

4. Praise, Praise, and Praise!

5. Make Eye Contact

This will strengthen your bond with your growing toddler as you incorporate positive and responsible parenting.

“A woman that builds her home, is someone that God calls wise. (Proverbs 14:1)”

Toddler Problems: Brushing Teeth

While some toddlers are easier to work with at tooth brushing time, most tots are likely to turn this simple task into a clenched-mouth battle of wills. This is a common toddler problem and we cannot just give up on brushing our kids teeth or they will suffer from the consequences of tooth decay. So what can we do to teach our kids good dental hygiene habits without the struggle? Let me offer some of the helpful tips I have learned from our family dentist and some families and friends:

1.Let your child watch you brush your teeth and show him how much fun it can be.

2. Get a toothbrush with your toddler’s favorite cartoon.

3. Use a tasty flavored toothpaste.

4. Let your child face a mirror so he could see himself while he brushes his teeth.

5. Don’t do it for too long.

If you want more fun tips on this and other toddler problems, here is a good resource: “The Terrible Trouble with Toothbrushing: A Toddler’s Perspective.”

Parenting Toddlers in Their “Terrible” Two’s

Parenting can be extremely tough, but things even get harder by the time children become toddlers. In most cases, children start to become more difficult to manage by fourteen months. At this time, they start learning to walk, they desire to explore new objects, show greater independence, and begin to show defiant behavior. It is for this very reason that parenting toddlers has been described as “maddening”.

However, no matter how maddening these years can be, every parent has to go through this phase–whether we like it or not. So what can we do to make these years as easier and as positive as can be? One mother has some great ideas: “Tips on Parenting A Crazy Toddler!” But if you don’t mind, I’d like to add my own humble suggestions on parenting toddlers.

1. Know your toddler’s developmental tasks.

2. Ensure child-safety in these exploratory years.

3. Respond to wanted behaviors more than punishing unwanted behaviors.

4. Do not battle with your toddler’s food preferences.

5. Be willing to give up some parental control.