The Best Catholic Articles This Week – February 11

It’s Friday so I am going to share some of the best Catholic posts I have read in the last week. We have a had quite a busy week with the news from Pope Benedict XVI, Ash Wednesday, Valentine’s Day, and the beginning of Lent so there were plenty of really great posts I read throughout the week. Make sure to check out these posts, they are certainly worth while!

Lent: Movies – This post was originally made on Happy Catholic. The author lists several movies that have themes of sin, reparation, and redemption. The author shares links to reviews of the films and talks briefly about what each one is about. I thought this post was awesome, and I am hoping to see some of the films soon. I plan to start with Stranger Than Fiction.

On Valentine’s Day Give Love – I thought the message of this post was fantastic. I came away with the message that on Valentine’s Day many people show love and appreciation to their friends, family, and spouses, but God should not be forgotten. God has such an immense love for us, and we should show him love every day. Valentine’s Day should be a day where you also remember to show God your love!

9 Things You Should Know about Pope Benedict XVI – The news about Pope Benedict XVI shocked the Catholic world earlier this week. In this post found on The Gospel Coalition Blog they talk about Pope Benedict XVI and some things you should know about him and the papacy.

Path to Humility – This post focuses on an integral theme in my opinion, which is humility. I know that I am forever humbled by the great love God has shown me. This post runs along those lines and talks about God’s love for all of us.

Catholicism Through My Eyes: Confession – This post talks about Confession and how other religions ridicule Catholics for believing our priests can absolve our sins. I know I have been asked before why we even have to go to Confession. This article could give you a good basis for explaining that to a non-Catholic friend.

The Best Catholic Articles This Week – January 4

These were my favorite Catholic articles from last week. I spend a really good amount of time reading each week, and I love sharing what I find. These were some of the best articles I read all week!

Are We On Earth for Our Enjoyment? – This article focuses on one of the letters of Blessed Zélie Martin. What I took away from the article was that Blessed Zélie Martin was telling us to learn to take the good and the bad in stride. People expect to be happy all of the time, when in reality part of life is suffering.

Pick a Saint for 2013 – This post is about choosing a patron saint for the new year. A lot of people have started the tradition of choosing a patron saint each new year. I think this is a cool way to get to know more about different patron saints. The author of this post chose J.R.R. Tolkien although he is not a saint. I enjoyed the reasoning behind her choice, and I think you will too.

In the Pursuit of Holiness There is No Finish Line – In this article the author talks about some tips for your family. If you would like to get your family praying together in 2013, this article has some wonderful ideas that could help you as a family. I think the idea of families having prayer time together is great, but like anything else it will take practice to make it a habit. If you take the time it can be something that helps you to grow both as a family and spiritually.

The Best Parenting Articles This Week – January 4

It’s Friday so that means it is time to list my favorite parenting articles for this week. Actually, it’s more like the last two weeks because with Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, and New Years Day I have had some shortened weeks. Anyway these posts are all great and worth checking out if you are looking for some reading material about parenting. You might even learn a thing or two!

The Sleep of the Parents – This article is about how having kids changes a person’s sleeping habits for good. The author uses a really cool comparison to describe how her own sleep patterns changed. Whether you have a baby or a teen, you can find a reason to be worried and wake up with the slightest noise.

Your 2 Year Old Doesn’t Need an iPad – The title speaks for itself, but this article is about why your young children do not need to use an iPad. The article gives concession to the fact that there are some great educational benefits to having kids use technology like iPads. However, the author also talks about a personal story with her daughter becoming obsessed with the iPad.

Sleep Training: It’s a First World Problem – This article suggests that modern Western culture has created the problem of sleep training for parents. The article advocates co-sleeping and gives reasoning throughout history and other parts of the world where it is successful.

4 Powerful and Effective Alternatives to Punishment – This article gives alternatives to being hurtful and yelling at your children. Keeping calm and using these techniques will be better for you, your kids, and your family dynamic overall. The one tip I thought parents could benefit from the most was the prevention section of this article. It talks about how to prevent situations that could lead to potentially aggravating scenarios.

You should definitely check out all of these parenting articles! They were the BEST ones that I have read in the last week, and I think you’ll enjoy them.

The Best Catholic Articles This Week – December 21

As you all know I read a lot of articles every week. I’m pretty active in either mentioning articles I read, or personally commenting on them if I feel compelled to do so. I wanted to share with you the best posts that I found this week.

Three Priests Talk About Spiritual Direction – This post was featured on a site called Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction. In the post three different priests give advice to Catholics about how to find a spiritual director who can guide you. It also talks about what a spiritual director is and why you would need one.

Tips to Help You Pray Not Just Say the Rosary – I can’t say enough about this post, the title drew me in and the article did not disappoint. This article gives you ten tips about how you can become more spiritually in tune when you are praying the rosary. So many people rush through an important action like praying the rosary. It shouldn’t be about speeding through, it should be about feeling spiritually engaged.

Speaking With an Angel Requires Faith, Humility, and Trust – This post goes through biblical instances in which an angel visited a human. The post talks about Mary, Joseph, and Zechariah and their experiences in depth. The post ties together the need that they all had for the qualities of faith, humility, and trust and the need that we all have for those qualities in every day life.

5 Ways to Watch the Hobbit Like a Catholic – I let my nerdy side make this choice for me. I am a huge Tolkien fan and this article points out some interesting facts. It points out a lot of Christian lessons that can be learned from Tolkien’s the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings.

Catholic Dads and the Domestic Church – This article was really well done and asked Catholic dads everywhere to become more influence in their family’s spiritual endeavors. The author calls dads to be better role models for their kids and more engaging overall where religion is concerned.

All of these articles are, in my opinion, spectacular and amongst the best of the week! Make sure to check them out and leave comments for all of the hard working authors.

The Best Parenting Articles This Week – December 21

I dropped the ball on my new habit of doing a post on Friday’s containing my favorite parenting articles from the past week. Cut me some slack though, it’s tough to start a new tradition. Anyway, here are the articles from this week that I found to be noteworthy.

What’s Your Favorite Holiday Christmas Book? – I tend to avoid New York Times articles the best I can, but I truly found this one to be nice. It talks about all sorts of different Christmas books, and reminded me of some old favorites from when I was young. There is a nice string of comments as well to add even more great Christmas books to the discussion. Go join in!

Holidays, Travel, and Baby’s Sleep – This article is a well timed one about how you can get your baby to sleep through holiday traveling. It can be tough if you baby is used to a specific nap time. They might be out of their element in a strange house they aren’t used to. This article had some pretty good tips that might be able to help you get your child to sleep.

When the Kids Scream Fire – This post was a really good and funny one. Nobody was hurt in the process of a tiny mistake, and we can all laugh about it now. The author used his experience as an example for parents. The example shows that parents need to teach their children how to do specific tasks around the house before delegating any type of work to them. Showing your child how to do a seemingly simple task multiple times is the safe way to handle things. Better safe than sorry!

Sheltering, Protecting, and Talking with Our Children: Parenting for Sanity in a Seemingly Insane World – This post talks about how to talk to your children about tragic events like what we saw last week in Connecticut. Nobody likes to talk about tragedy, but it is best that your child hears news from you. Otherwise they may be susceptible to believing rumors they hear from other children at school. This is a situation where, as a parent, you have to step up and do the right thing.

The Best Parenting Articles This Week – December 7

As you all know I like to read all sorts of parenting blogs. I figured it might be cool to do a weekly roundup of all my favorites parenting posts from the week. I am such an active reader but the ones I share at the end of the week are truly parenting articles you should go check out on your own! This week I have five different posts that parents will benefit from or just plain enjoy reading.

A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Social Media – Let’s be honest here, kids today are doing things on social media sites that we never dreamed would be possible. The issue I see is that by the time parents figure out how cool something is (example: Facebook), kids are already moving on to the next big thing (example: Twitter, Instagram, etc.). This post talks about how parent’s can keep their children safe in the always growing social media realm.

Parenting Prodigals and Pharisees – This post is really good example of how even children raised by the same family can be so very different. Personalities, likes and dislikes, attitudes, age, and gender all play into how this is possible. Just another reminder that being a good parent is not a “cookie cutter” activity. What works for one child should not just be applied across the board for all children.

5 Ways to Keep a Toddler Busy When Working From Home – Many parents are working from home in today’s world, but having a toddler around can complicate things. These suggestions from the author are actually good ideas that parents could use. My favorite idea was giving your toddler toy work items like plastic phones and such. They can pretend they’re working alongside you!

Parenting Heavy Stuff – This post was made by a mother who is concerned about whether or not she is doing a good enough job as a parent, and how her son will turn out in the future. This post echoes sentiments all parents have felt before. Worrying just means that you are a good, concerned parent. You are probably doing a terrific job if you are constantly worried about your abilities as a parent and your child’s well being, so relax a little!

A New Highlight in Parenting: Sledding – This is the kind of post that should just put a smile on your face. It’s a post about a dad who takes his son sledding for the first time.

I highly suggest checking out all of these parenting posts. Check back next Friday for more awesome parenting articles!