Women’s Catholic Jewelry You Should Buy!

Finding the right gift for a woman in your life can be a difficult task to accomplish. Whether it be for her birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or some other kind of celebration, you don’t want to be lame and be one of the crowd giving somebody you care about an envelope with a card and some money inside. Sure this isn’t the worst gift ever, but is it really the best you can do? If you know that the woman you are shopping for is religious, why not consider some really nice Catholic jewelry. Women tend to really like jewelry, and if she is Catholic then you are in luck. What kind of women’s Catholic jewelry should I be getting for her? Well that is where a few pointers will come in handy, and lucky for you I’ve got a handful of them right now.

1.) Saint Christopher Patron Saint Medal – While Saint Christopher is a man, he still can be one of the favorite patron saints of women as well. Saint Christopher’s medal would be an awesome one to get if you have an athletic girl that you are shopping for. Saint Christopher is the patron saint of athletes so he has medals that are made for girls who play volleyball, basketball, figure skating, gymnastics, and cheer leading. His medals are very popular amongst athletes.

2.) Sterling Silver Motherhood Four Way Necklace – If you are shopping for a mother than you’re in luck because this sterling silver medal would make a sweet gift for any mom, on any occasion. There is a cross and in the center inside of a circle is Mary. You cannot see features of her but she is there. On the four points of the cross there are also images of Mary. The mother who receives this medal will definitely love it because of the meaning behind the necklace and for its beauty. This gift is a obvious choice when shopping for a mother.

3.) 14 KT Heart and Cross Charm – To start things off, this medal comes in a pre-packaged box that is perfect for giving a gift; all you will need is a bow or a small amount of wrapping paper to throw on that box and you are in gift giving mode. This medal would make a great gift for any woman because it is shaped like a heart and it has a cross on the inside of the heart. So it has a feminine touch but is still religious. This piece of jewelry is not too flashy, but is also still nice enough to be worn out to Mass or dinner.

4.) Angel With Open Heart Necklace – This medal features a sterling silver heart that holds a young girl guardian angel inside of it. This would be an awesome Confirmation or Communion gift, and for that matter you could just give it to a loved one for no apparent reason. Any young girl will be sure to cherish this piece because of the young guardian angel that is on it. Even an adult may enjoy this necklace as well.

5.) Victorian Crucifix – This necklace is not another typical crucifix that you find anywhere. It is made of sterling silver and is very complex in its design. The cross itself has a very complex pattern that really makes this piece unique, and on top of that you can see a lot of different details about Jesus that most other crucifixes simply would not have. This piece is a lot different from many crucifixes and that is why is would make a great gift.