The Positives of Gaming

MyCatholicBlog came across this interesting article on Christ and Pop Culture which discusses the subtle benefits of the new gaming system, Xbox 360’s Kinect.  It claims:

Should Christians be excited about Kinect?  I think they should. In my short experience with Dance Central, I have found it to be the most immediately accessible game I have ever experienced in groups.  The Kinect has tons of potential to provide memorable shared experiences for all kinds of people.  Additionally, it is certainly the most physically demanding gaming peripheral I have ever used and I think the care of our physical bodies is all too often neglected Christian discipline.  So the short answer is yes–Christians should be excited about Kinect.  Kinect certainly has its own unique value already, however, I am drawn to video games that not only raise my heart rate but stir my soul.

Author Drew Dixon admits that any significant life experiences are yet to emerge from playing Kinect, but in an atmosphere where games are often criticized for violence, poor morals, etc, it’s nice to see the positive that can come from the ever-progressing technology.

Beyond intertwining Christian morals, this article makes interesting point about current gaming systems in general, looking at technology and (as Dixon labels it) an art form through a sociological view.