Teaching Children Good Behavior is Not Impossible

Have you read the post Sorry, Internet, But There Is No Simple Formula For Producing Perfectly Well-Behaved Kids in Every Situation? Well if you are a parent and have some qualms on your children’s behavior, this post may actually be of interest to you.

I agree with the author that there is indeed no fool-proof formula for raising kids that behave perfectly all the time. We cannot expect our children to act like adults–to know exactly how to act in certain situations. I also agree that it would be wrong to label the parents of a misbehaving child as “horrible parents.” However, I do not think we are totally helpless in cultivating appropriate behavior of our children.

Some parents feel that it is impossible to instruct toddlers how to behave as they are still too young to understand. But I think this notion is wrong. In the same way that we can teach our children to talk or walk through repetition we can certainly start giving them instructions on good behavior in the same manner. Behavioral instruction is said to also be most effective when based on the child’s behavioral strengths and weaknesses.

However, as we expect positive outcome in our children, we should always be ready for occasional displays of undesirable behaviors and not expect them to act perfectly all the time.