Thanksgiving Traditions: How Does Your Family Give Thanks

Every family has their own special Thanksgiving traditions that they take part in every year. It might be the special dessert that your aunt makes for everybody or how the family gets together for a game of bingo with grandma after dessert. My family had a kids vs. parents touch football game for many years that we all looked forward to very much. I think people should make a point this year to teach their children what being thankful for is all about. All the time families lose sight of what the holiday is truly about.

A post that I saw today on Grandparenting with a Purpose was really wonderful. It was all about teaching the younger members of your family what Thanksgiving should be all about. Giving thanks to God and spending time together are what is really important, and this post titled “What is Your Thanksgiving Family Tradition” is something that all families should read.

I’m curious, how does your family celebrate Thanksgiving? Do you have any special traditions?