The Beautiful Life of Mary: Our Blessed Mother

The 8th of September was the celebrated birthday of the Blessed Mother. I took the opportunity on that day to reflect on the beautiful life of Mary. However, according to The Virgin Mary’s Birthday

“When was the Mother of God born?¬†We can’t know for certain, of course, but for almost 15 centuries now, the¬†Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary has been celebrated on September 8.”

The birth of the Blessed Virgin was planned and directed by the Almighty Creator. From the very start, her life was destined for both greatness and suffering. She knew that when she said ‘yes’ to the command of God, she also said yes to knowing that her son would face many trials, and that he would also sacrifice his life to wash away the sins of the world. Mother Mary is woman of contemplation and woman of prayer. Jesus loves his mother so much that he performed a miracle at the wedding in Cana even though it was not yet time for him to make his miracle. If Jesus loves his mother, how can we resist not loving her?

May you continue to guide us and protect us our Blessed Mother, especially in these trying times.