The Best Parenting Articles This Week – December 21

I dropped the ball on my new habit of doing a post on Friday’s containing my favorite parenting articles from the past week. Cut me some slack though, it’s tough to start a new tradition. Anyway, here are the articles from this week that I found to be noteworthy.

What’s Your Favorite Holiday Christmas Book? – I tend to avoid New York Times articles the best I can, but I truly found this one to be nice. It talks about all sorts of different Christmas books, and reminded me of some old favorites from when I was young. There is a nice string of comments as well to add even more great Christmas books to the discussion. Go join in!

Holidays, Travel, and Baby’s Sleep – This article is a well timed one about how you can get your baby to sleep through holiday traveling. It can be tough if you baby is used to a specific nap time. They might be out of their element in a strange house they aren’t used to. This article had some pretty good tips that might be able to help you get your child to sleep.

When the Kids Scream Fire – This post was a really good and funny one. Nobody was hurt in the process of a tiny mistake, and we can all laugh about it now. The author used his experience as an example for parents. The example shows that parents need to teach their children how to do specific tasks around the house before delegating any type of work to them. Showing your child how to do a seemingly simple task multiple times is the safe way to handle things. Better safe than sorry!

Sheltering, Protecting, and Talking with Our Children: Parenting for Sanity in a Seemingly Insane World – This post talks about how to talk to your children about tragic events like what we saw last week in Connecticut. Nobody likes to talk about tragedy, but it is best that your child hears news from you. Otherwise they may be susceptible to believing rumors they hear from other children at school. This is a situation where, as a parent, you have to step up and do the right thing.