Toddler Problems: Brushing Teeth

While some toddlers are easier to work with at tooth brushing time, most tots are likely to turn this simple task into a clenched-mouth battle of wills. This is a common toddler problem and we cannot just give up on brushing our kids teeth or they will suffer from the consequences of tooth decay. So what can we do to teach our kids good dental hygiene habits without the struggle? Let me offer some of the helpful tips I have learned from our family dentist and some families and friends:

1.Let your child watch you brush your teeth and show him how much fun it can be.

2. Get a toothbrush with your toddler’s favorite cartoon.

3. Use a tasty flavored toothpaste.

4. Let your child face a mirror so he could see himself while he brushes his teeth.

5. Don’t do it for too long.

If you want more fun tips on this and other toddler problems, here is a good resource: “The Terrible Trouble with Toothbrushing: A Toddler’s Perspective.”