Traditional School or Home School?

If you as parents were given a choice with how you would have learned, will you opt for home school or traditional school? Why Home- School? Reasons Why Parents Educate Out of School says: “School is fine when it’s working. Not so great when it isn’t.” It turns out that not all children are comfortable with learning from an institution. According to the blog, there are a few factors that parents and their children choose home schooling. Such factors are:

  • Unhappiness
  • Health
  • Bullying
  • Poor Achievement
  • Poor Relationships

Home Schooling is more individualized and structured according to the ability of your child to learn. Traditional school on the other hand is standardized, although teaching staffs are trying their best to teach and accommodate the concerns of every student, there are those that are left out. While home schooling is best for parents who stays at home with their kids, traditional school is much convenient for working parents. In the end, parents should consider what will work best for their children. The good thing is that there are two options that you can choose from if one does not work out.