The Truth About Parenting

The news of being pregnant is probably one of the most blissful moment that every expectant mother would have. Add up the good “build-up” from many other parenting blogs and pregnancy sites and you envision a perfect pregnancy and a happily ever after parenthood. But after you read out all those blissful blog post and you go back to real life, you begin to question. Where are those promising, fun, and happy moments that you have read?

Being a parent is great, no doubt, but parenting is not all candies and roses. A quote from Scary Mommy explained a better realization of real life parenting:

“Through the years, I have learned (and am learning) several hard truths, each one stripping away the expectations and leaving in their place authenticity and courage, vulnerability and resilience. Each hard truth has been a nugget of insight into my family, my spirit, and humanity as a whole. Each one has taken me a step closer to the parent – and person – that I am called to be.”

Parenting may not be perfect. It requires a lot of adjustment, tons of letting go as well as heaps of realizations. But at the end of the day, you begin to see what matters most in life-your children.