We All Have Something To Give

I was very inspired reading a letter from a Mom to Catholic Sistas telling about how her little boy was inspired by Pope Francis. He decided to donate the $465 he received as gifts from family and friends for his First Holy Communion. The sweet 8-year old even said to his mom, “if we don’t help the hungry, who will?” The money he gave to the local Ecumenical Kitchen fed about 350 people. If you want to read this story in detail, you can do so HERE. The moral of the story in my opinion is that we all have something to give.

It is so inspiring and heart-warming how a child can possess such a selfless spirit. If only all of us think the way this little boy thinks, the world would be a much better place.

We do not need to be millionaires to be able to give to the less fortunate. Like the widow that Jesus praised in Mark 12:41-44 who gave “two very small copper coins, worth only a few cents” as an offering, we just need to whole-heartedly present to the Lord whatever it is that we have and it will surely go a long way. We all have something to give, and that should be a focus.