We Are Serving A Great God!

No matter how faithful of a Christian you are, I believe that we have all experienced situations that made us feel incapable, despondent, and helpless. Even people and prophets in the Bible have gone through the toughest times. Take for example the life of Job, Daniel, and even the life of our Savior and his disciples were marred with great trials.

Being a Christian today is not an easy task. We are met with much adversity, but we must hold strong in our beliefs. As it is often said, trials can either separate or draw a Christian closer to God. I certainly hope it will do the latter to all of us.

Yes it can be difficult to remain focused on the goodness and promises of the Lord during tough times, but may we always remember the greatness of the God that we are serving. Help is always available to us–his children. Instead of facing your troubles on your own, put them all in God’s hands. Remember Apostle Paul’s counsel in Philippians 4:7, “Through him, even in the midst of terrible devastating and humiliating experiences we can have the peace, joy, and hope that passes all understanding.”

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