Catholic Questions: Why Go To Confession?

The post, Catholicism Through My Eyes: Confession, reminded me of my college years when a lot of my non-Catholic peers used to ask me why Catholics go to confession. They would often say, “Is it not that God is omnipresent and hears our supplications anywhere we are? So why is it not enough that I confess our sins to Him directly in our private prayers?” Young and unversed in the church doctrine as I was, I would just often shrug my shoulders in silence. However, despite the fact that I really did not know the reason why I go to confession on a regular basis, I still do it. Not because it was an obligation or duty, but because it made me feel better about myself.

As I learned more about my faith, I was made to realize that the sacrament of confession is indeed something that is done not for the favor of God but for the favor of the confessing sinner. God knows all of our sins and when we are sorry for them, we actually do not need to tell Him anything. The practice of confession strengthens our spiritual well-being as it provides us with a tangible experience of God’s forgiveness and our reconciliation with the church. There may be a lot of other spiritual implications of confession, but at its very heart  is the joyful celebration of God’s forgiving and merciful love for us.