Youth Sports: How to Handle Your Child Sitting the Bench Too Much

One of the worst parts of youth sports is when your child has to sit the bench. Every child will spend a little bit of time on the bench here or there, but I am talking about when your child is a bench warmer. Game in and game out they spend 85% of their time on the bench, and don’t really get a fair shot to be a contributor on the field. This can be upsetting for your child, aggravating to you as a parent, and makes for a negative experience with youth sports.

In a recent post on JBM thinks titled, “When Your Child Sits the Bench in Youth Sports”, the author Janis talks about how to handle situations like this. She gives you ways to try and turn this negative experience into a positive one.

One thing I believe parents should keep in mind is that if you are frustrated by your child’s lack of playing time, think about how they feel. This is their problem so make sure to sympathize with them and help them in any way possible.

How have you handled your child spending too much time on the bench in youth sports?